Contributions of MaheshKumar V. C.

  • Composed 6 new raagas.
    a. Raag Gorakh Bhairav, b. Raag Hindol Kalyan, c. Raag Vishnu Kauns, d. Raag Kalapini, e. Raag Hansbihaag, f. Raag Lalit Marwa

    Raag Kalapini was composed to pay shradhanjali to late Padmabhushan Kumar Gandharva. All these above ragas are broadcast on AIR and telecast and performed in various functions.

  • Nirguni Bhajans, Kabir and Meera Bhajans produced and directed by him and was presented in Kala academy and also performed on various occasions.
  • Malhar Dhara : A series of 8 raagas produced and directed by him was presented by him and his students at Kala academy and other places and also telecast on DD Panaji and Metro.
  • Basant Bahar: A series of 8 raagas produced and directed by him was presented at Kala academy and was telecast on DD Panaji and Metro and other places.
    (All above events are Kala Academy productions)
  • Composed music for kannada (Lokgeet Roopak) Doddappa Drama based on folk mythology in 1981 which was very famous for its titling songs written by Gopal Vajpayee.
  • Music direction for haya vadan kannada Drama.
  • Music direction for Karimai drama translated in Hindi by ChandraShekhar Kambar and staged by theatre students of Kala Academy which became popular for its titling songs.
  • Wrote about 100 kannada poems.
  • He is also a theatre actor and participated in absurd one act plays and commercial dramas.
  • Composed bandishes in various raagas, which have been broadcast and telecast.
  • Organised Voice Culture Camps in Goa region to develop linguistic significance and voice application in music.
  • He has also composed a new coir of 1 to 1.25 hours duration and performed in Seafood Festival at Panaji Goa and other places.
  • Productions:
    • Ganesh Vandana, Kala Academy Goa in 2003
    • Sadguru Gurupaadeshwar Suprabhaat and Stutis cassettes and Audio CD’s in April 2005.
    • Prabhat Raag, Kala Academy Goa on February 25th 2007
  • Public Performances
    • Panchaksharibuva Sangeet Samaroh at Gadag, Bellary and Goa.
    • Abdul Karim Khan Sangeet Samaroh at Miraj, Hubli and Bombay.
    • Rajguru Sangeet Samaroh at Dharwad, Bangalore and Goa.
    • CCRT-Delhi
    • Alladiya Khan Sangeet Samaroh Dharwad.
    • Dinanath Mangeshkar Sangeet Samaroh, Goa
    • Ratnakar Ramanathakar Sangeet Samaroh, Goa
    • Function organized by Karnatak Government at Pattadkallu and Bellur.
    • Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar Sangeet Samaroh, Kala Academy, Goa.
    • Doordarshan and live programmes at Gulburga.
    • Kannada Culture Lalbagh Bangalore and Kittur Channamma Park Dharwad.
    • Navraspur Utsav at Bijapur in 2005.
    • Sawai Gandharva at Kundagol, Dharwad.
  • Shri Maheshkumar has worked as an expert in music for CCRT Delhi.
  • He has also been honoured with prestigious “Swarashree” by Karnataka V.S.S Samiti, Bangalore

For the last 25 years he has been regular performing artist of A.I.R and Doordarshan and has also performed vocal recitals all over India. Also known for his performances in Marathi and Kannada Bhaktigeets and Marathi Natyasangeets.

He has been working as a senior lecturer in Vocal Music, Faculty of Indian Music and Dance, Kala Academy Panaji Goa. (One of the two renowned institutions in Asia in the field of Art and Culture) for the last 19 years. He has also trained number of disciples who are outstanding artists and music Professionals.

He is currently the director of Indian music and dance faculty in Kala Academy, Goa He has been on this post for the last 3 years. In the last three years he has headed 'Ranga Saaranga', a kala academy production and the Triranjani fusion program also a Kala Academy production.