Main Features Kirana Gharana

Kirana Gharana is one of the famous Gharanas (School of singing style) in Indian Classical music. Kirana is the name of a village near Kurukshetra. The Style of the Kirana Gharana is distinctive with vocal quality of the gentle response. The tuning of both Tanpura has an aesthetic importance they produce perfect harmony and sound like they are singing different swaras.

The spontaneous alaaps with meend effectively creates mood and raga atmosphere and totality of Gayaki. This type of Gayaki is basically derived from Been from Ustad Bande Ali Khan who is the founder of Kirana Gharana and famous Beenkar and Drupadiya of Hindustani Classical Music. Itís raga elaboration has a distinctive design which is known as Barhat.

Ustad Bande Ali Khan gave training of Kirana style to Ustad Abdul Waheed Khan and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan - these two exponents popularized this Gharana by teaching various disciples. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan had various disciples in the north as well as the south. His solos were highly appreciated even in Mysore Darbar at Dussehra festival where Hindustani style was not so popular. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan also organized jalsas throughtout India. Therefore Kirana Gayaki could reach the common man which is most appealing.

Further Sawai Gandharva, Suresh Babumane, Roshanara Begum. Hirabai Badodekar and their disciples like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Gangubai Hangal, Basavraj Rajguru, Feroz Dastur, Kumar Gandharva, etc. have kept the tradition alive.

Pt.Panchaksharibuva of Gadag was specially trained
by Ustad Abdul Waheed Khan. Further Pt. Basavraj Rajguru
was sole follower of Panchaksharibuva.