My Gurus


Born in 1924, at village Chinchakhandi, near Jamkhandi, Uttara Karnatka State. His father in law who was a dramatist and a music composer initiated him to enter into the field of music and drama. But in those days, there was no much scope and appreciation for the art field. He was forced to learn Sanskrit course in Bellary Sanskrit Pathashala. While studying Sanskrit he had an opportunity to meet Shri B. Venkatappa a renowned Karnataki Violinist, and he studied violin for 4-5 years, from then he was shifted to Gadag Veereshwara Punyashram to learn vocal music from Pandit Panchaxari Buva, who was a great master of Karnataki and Hindustani Music. However, he could not complete music study in Ashram, because his parents and relatives wanted to make his career in Sanskrit only and not in music.

Lastly, he was sent to Banaras, to study Sanskrit rigorously and he joined Banaras Hindu Vishwavidyalay and had “Kavya Teerth’ Degree and during this 5-10 years period he met a Sadhu, who was traditional Vocalist of Banaras Gharana and he had undergone training of Hindustani vocal music and returned to Belgaum. He joined Ayurved College Khasbag Belgaum, as professor of logic and served for a decade. During this period, he studied Ayurveda and Alopathy and was Resident Physician of the Ayurved College and also advisor for the Pharmacology.

His zeal to learn classical music was still there, and so he met Pandit Ramakrishna buva Shirodkar of Kirana Gharana who was a disciple of Ustaad Abndul Karim Khan, and he studied vocal music under his guidance rigorously, and he became a very good performing artist. He had performed in several places, in Karnataka and Maharashtra. He was also Gandabandh Shagird of Pandit Mallikarjun Mansoor. Having a sonorous voice and perfect knowledge of Raagas, his performances were praised by audience. He could not continue the music as his profession, because he was much known as Doctor.


One amongst the top level kirana gharana vocalists, who maintained his gayaki style for more than five decades, who trained over a hundred disciples of his gayaki style, was born in a small village named Yeliwal, near Dharwad, Karnataka state. In his childhood only he was sent to study Sanskrit in "Shivayog Mandir" established by Hangal Kumar Swami. Pundit Panchaksharibuva, who was also working as an Asthan Pundit of music, was impressed by Rajguru's silky voice and then trained him in classical vocal music, and at the age of 15 he broadcasted on All India Radio. Also he gave classical recordings for H.M.V Company. This brought him national fame and within a short period he was appreciated by all over India. He traveled every corner of India, even before Independence. He gave performances in Pakistan, and during this visit to Pakistan, he learnt Thumri and Qawali, ghazals from noted singers, He was the only artist who had achieved top grade artist's rank of All India Radio for Hindustani Classical vocal and Thumri singing. He was ably singing Karnataki style of music and hence was awarded as "Ubhay Gaan Visharad". He was an awardee of Karnataka state academy."SURMANI"; "SANGEET RATN" etc… and also awardee of "PADMASHREE" and "PADMABHUSHAN" from Govt of India He had performed in almost all prestigious music conferences in India organized by All India Radio, TV, and also private associations (sectors). He is recipient of honorary doctorate award from Karnataka University, Dharwad. He was also associated with the Department of music P.G.section, Karnataka University Dharwad and worked as associate professor for more than a decade. His singing style was a blend of kirana, Gwalior and Patiala gharanas. He could impress the audience by singing in all three octave range with perfect swarsthanas. That's why he was also named as "SOOR KA BAADSHAH". He was talented in light music singing and also who was able to sing in Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Urdu languages.


Born in 1920s, in a Vaidik Brahmin’s family, he learnt Sanskrit in the childhood. His father was Sanskrit Pandit and was a very good orator. He did his B.Sc. (Hon.) and was having an opportunity to become an administrator in Government. Because he decided to make his career in vocal music, he came to Pune and learnt music from Pandit Vinayakrao Patvardhan who was a renowned Vocalist of Gwalior Gharana and a musicologist. He joined All India Radio and served as Music Producer till his retirement. He produced many good programmes for All India Radio. He is also a Gandabandh Shagird of Ustaad Vilayatkhan of Agra Gharana. Under his tutelage, he learnt intricacies of vocal classical music. He has also learnt traditional Thumari Gayaki by doing Ghandabandhan to Smt. Yellutai of Pune. He has performed all over India, in Classical and also in light classical music. He has composed over 100 bandishes and also composed many new jod-raagas, which are broadcasted and telecasted. He is a top-grade Artist of All India Radio and he is broadcasting on Radio. He has trained many disciples and he is known as one of the important musicologists in India. He stays in Vile Parle Mumbai. He was very close to Pandit Kumar Gandharva of Dewas (MP). Till today he is a fan of Kumar Gandharva’s Gayaki, and advises his disciples to follow Kumar Gandharva’s Gayaki style. He has composed music to many Hindi Bhajans (Nirguni, etc.).